Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Commission Pricing/Rates

I offer commission services for Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Warmachine and Hordes or any figure miniatures you are wanting me to paint. I am currently offering pricing based on my highest quality of painting.  These prices posted are just a guideline for what you can expect to pay on average. I will give you a more accurate quote based on the figures you are wanting painted. Prices shown will include: Multiple Colors, Highest Quality Details & Highlights. Extra services are noted below painting prices.





Small Mount Characters/Solo's

Small Monsters

Small Vehicle

Large Monsters

Large Vehicle

Extra Services

Body/Noes Art (These will be custom designed by me or my wife from examples you or I choose)
Small - $5 individual design + $2 per each additional copy ONLY
Medium - $10 per individual design + $4 per each additional copy ONLY
Large - $20 per individual design + $8 per each additional copy ONLY

Assembly (Prices are so high because I REALLY dislike building models and would prefer not too)
Small Base Models - $1-3 per model
Medium Base Models - $5-$7 per model
Large Base Models - $25 per model

Primer (This is for if you are not going to prime it yourself. It MUST be GW Primer. Priming is required!)
Small Base Models - $1
Medium Base Models - $2
Large Base Models - $5

Bases (Sand and Flock) -
Small Base Models - $1
Medium Base Models - $3
Large Base Models - $5

Custom Basing (To be discussed per commission) -
Small Base Models - $3+
Medium Base Models - $6+
Large Base Models - $10+

Models will be done in as quick possible time for the quality I am painting. Commissions jobs that are needed sooner than in a normal time frame will be charged 25% extra for Rushed Commission if it is a possible job to complete in needed time. (i.e. a whole 1000 pt. army in three weeks is NOT doable at this level of painting) Please note that I do several commission at a time. An example of basic time frame to expect: 1 solo/hero takes about 1-2 weeks to complete based on my schedule.

If you live out of state/out of reasonable driving distance, shipping the models to me will be paid of by YOU. The return shipping of your finished models to you will be paid by ME.

Half of agreed commission price is required up front at receipt of models. The other half will be required AFTER I finish the models to your liking (Pictures will be sent or face to face meeting to discuss model), before I ship/return back to you. Please note if you make changes throughout the process based on add-on's and such, I will put the prices of said add-on's, etc. on the total of the last payment.

I am also providing quotes/references from other professional painters out there to give you an idea of what the different painters are charging for different qualities of work. Please note the quality vs. the pricing!